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We started this video blog to help spread the word and to support some great organizations.  We also hope this will encourage others to give back wherever and however their heart may lead them.  Whether your giving comes in the form of time, talent or treasure, anyone can make an impact.    

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a Bus Pass

Access to transportation is a major factor in getting out of homelessness or making being homeless more comfortable.  Having a bus pass can make it much easier to access social services and get to and from a workplace.

For $32.50, you can provide a 31-day local bus pass to a homeless person in Tampa Bay.  We will also help them apply for future FREE transportation through HART which takes several weeks to be approved.

We call this OPERATION BUS PASS, and it's changing lives!

If you would like to donate a bus pass,  please use the link below and we'll take it from there.

Bus Pass Thumbnail.png

The passes are also available online here.  You can purchase them directly from HART and and give them out in your area of town.


Thank you and God bless!